Oblakov's History and Culture

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Oblakov's History and Culture Empty Oblakov's History and Culture

Post by Morgan on Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:33 pm

Four years ago, Oblakov was trapped in a military dictatorship. However, with the help of Unova, the dictator, Alisa Braginskaya, was overthrown. Unovan forces remained in Oblakov to keep the peace for three years, and only recently pulled out. The result is a very wary, family-oriented culture with a strong distrust of the government. The current government system, a contitutional monarchy, has recently established a Socialist economy, resulting in cheaper prices among those who are participating in the Pokedex Initiative for trainer-related items. And that's where you come in!

Over two thousand years ago, Oblakov was colonized by Kanto. This resulted in a populace with almond shaped eyes and typically dark hair. A minority group to the East, however, has lighter colored hair and freckles. it it theorized that Kanto did not make it that far due to frigid temperatures and poor soil for growing crops.

In the southwest, where temperatures are warm, terrence farming is often used on the mountains. The most popular crops are wheat, apples, and olives. These foods are exported across the region. In the far north, however, people are starting to use volcanic energy and genetic engineering to grow tropical fruits.

Oblakov is a highly religious country. Chasovnya to the north is frequently the destination of many religious pilgrimmages, and remains a popular tourist destination in warmer months when temperatures are cool. The group to the East, however, remains pagan.

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