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Battle and Capture Rules Empty Battle and Capture Rules

Post by Morgan on Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:31 pm

Pokemon Battles are an ancient and sacred ritual of Oblakov- and you can learn to participate in them, too!

Pokemon battles are traditionally 1 vs 1, though 2 vs 2 battles are also accepted. Generally speaking, using more pokemon is considered impolite unless the circumstances are dire.

Each pokemon has statistic designed to determine how strong they are in certain fields. These numbers are OOC strictly.

Health: How sturdy your pokemon is.
Attack: How physically strong your pokemon is.
Defense: How physically resistant your pokemon is.
Sp. Attack: How spiritually strong your pokemon is.
Sp. Defense: How spiritually resistant your pokemon is.
Speed: How fast your pokemon moves and reacts to events.

Accuracy: How easily your pokemon can hit moving foes.
Evasion: How easily your pokemon can evade attacks.

For every level up, you gain 8 stats to distribute freely. However, each pokemon gets a certain number of base stats: the stronger/more evolved the pokemon, the higher this number! Depending on the species, they are already distributed across the stat field.

E- 10
D- 15
C- 20
B- 25
A- 30
S- 40

When a pokemon evolves, their rank's base stats are added to the number of stats they currently have. S rank is reserved for legendary pokemon.

In order to evolve a pokemon, look them up in Bulbapedia. The level number mentioned is the required level for evolution. If an item is required, the item must be possessed by your character and is consumed upon evolution. In the case of friendship, you must have 3 completed and evaluated threads of bonding with your pokemon, and they must be at least 8 levels higher than the level you caught them at.

Move Accuracy is determined by a dice roll. Add your move accuracy (found on bulbapedia) and add it to your pokemon's accuracy, then subtract the foe's evasion. If the dice number is equal to the number or lower, then the move hits. If the total accuracy is above 100, the move automatically hits.

You can have a maximum of six pokemon in your party at a time. All others must be sent to the PC. You can swap pokemon in and out of your PC in any town.

Pokemon are randomly generated by mods to appear in your threads- if you don't want a trainer or pokemon encounter, specify at the beginning of the thread!

To capture a pokemon, a 10 sided dice is rolled. If a 1-5 is rolled, the pokemon is captured. If the pokemon is exhausted, a one is added. If the pokemon has a status condition, a one is added. A great ball adds a one, and an ultra ball adds a two. Rare and strong pokemon can reduce the catch rate anywhere from 1-4.

It is possible to capture a pokemon by befriending it. If the pokemon is friendly enough with you, the mods will make a post in your thread telling you that you will be able to catch it with a 100% catch rate.

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