Some Little Midnight Training (P)

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Some Little Midnight Training (P) Empty Some Little Midnight Training (P)

Post by Bastion on Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:39 am

Bastion woke up in camp with a start, somehow not waking up Horus, who was curled up in a little fluffy ball by his face and Aqua, who was snoozing lightly by his belly... Ugh... nightmares... He knew it was a nightmare because there was that residual trace of fear in his gut and all up his throat and down his legs, almost as if he had been waiting for something terrible. He shook his head and sighed, sitting up, careful not to disturb either of his pokemon. From the view through his little tent, he could see it was either very late or very early, the sun still as asleep as all the day creatures. He could hear the bug-pokemon out in force, their strange little voices coo-ing out through the dark or scratching up the air as they called to one another, musical in it's own way... Poor Horus was so laid out after yesterday's training session that Bastion would have to pick him up to wake him... He was so cute when he slept... the Marill, on the other hand and too Bastion's surprise, was waking up herself, letting out a soft yawn... His pokemon were so adorable the way they awoke, almost as if they were the plushy versions he had as a kid...

"Psst..." He whispered to Aqua, smiling down at her.

"Marril....?" She questioned, still blinking the sleep out of her eyes.

"Lets go get some early training, huh...? We'll let Horus rest here for a bit..." It looked as if Maril was about to respond happily but then her eyes fell on her partner and she fell quiet, only smiling and nodding. The two of them didn't go too far from their camp site, only a little ways into the forest, on the hunt for some wild pokemon, though Aqua didn't know that yet... In Bastion's mind, the best way to test yourself is against another being... A bit thuggish, perhaps, but he believed in it nonetheless. The air was cool and the plants were moist with dew and the air was salty with sea-water... it was a good day to be out on a midnight walk and Maril was loving it, walking by her trainer's feet with the biggest smile on her face.... Bastion had to actively resist picking her up and holding her so cute was she.


"Horus... You're up."


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