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Post by Morgan on Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:02 am

Egg finding: Any wild location has the potential to be hiding pokemon eggs from that encounter list. There is a 10% chance to find a pokemon egg in the wild. The rate of egg rarity is equivalent to the rarity encounter rates in that particular area.

In order to hatch a common egg, you must carry it around for 8 posts. Uncommon eggs require 10 posts, and rare eggs require 12 posts. You will be informed what type of egg you have discovered upon the egg's discovery.

Breeding Pokemon: In order to breed two pokemon, they must be in compatible egg groups. To find an egg group, look up the pokemon you intend to breed on bulbapedia. Some pokemon can belong to more than one egg group. Additionally, they must spend at least 3 500+ word threads bonding. The egg is always of the female pokemon's race unless the female is a ditto. The chance to receive an egg from the two are 30% per request. The pokemon do not have to belong to the same trainer.

Pokemon with the ability flame body reduce hatch time by two posts if they are kept in the party. This does not stack with other pokemon posessing this ability.

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